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June 16, 2013
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Russia.full.859940 by XenophonXena<----:iconlovelyplz:

(Name) sat alone in the middle of a field of sunflowers. It was break time and instead of hanging around with all the other workers she preferred sitting alone.

Well... even thought at the moment she did look a lot like a boy. She's shoved on a large hat to keep her hair invisible and wore a large coat. Overall, she didn't look much like a girl. Except maybe her face which she usually kept hidden. Even though today it was very warm and sunny, she had no choice but to stay hidden.

The job she worked in was a 'men only' so she had been forced to change how she looked. It was lead by a man named Ivan Braginski. Most of the time (Name) preferred to avoid the man in-case he figured something out.

There was a sound behind name. She glanced back, at the same time shoving her hat lower over her face. It was Ivan. Her boss.

"Ah, someone else who enjoys sunflowers." Her boss smiled at her.

"Y-yes sir." (Name) mumbled, trying to deepen her voice. Her boss stared at her for a bit.

"Aren't you warm under all that?" (Name) shook her head quickly.

"Hmmm.... well, break-time is over, go and join the others, da?" (Name) nodded and stood up clumsily. Ivan tried to look under the hat, crouching down a little. (Name) looked away. Blast that stupid idiot. He knows something. (Name) gulped and shoved her hands in her pocket.

"So, what was your name again?" Her boss asked, catching up to her in a few strides.

"Er... urm (False Boy Name)" (Name) muttered. Ivan looked at her.

"Hmm... doesn't suit you." (Name) shrugged, causing him to frown a little.


The main job for (Name)'s sector was to transport bricks to create large buildings. Every man, and (Name),  had to carry bricks over their shoulders and take them to the builders. It was a hard job and every day, (Name) feared of her disguise failing her. Not only her disguise for being a boy but as an undiscovered country, hiding in the shadows. Even though she knew sooner or later she'd be caught.

That particular day, (Name) had a large disadvantage. The fact that she was so wrapped up in a blazing day. For the first few hours everything went smoothly. (Name) could feel that today she was being watched a bit more carefully.

Around her the men talked, rolling up their sleeves or taking off their shirts to reveal only a vest. But (Name) couldn't so that. Just as she was carrying her second to last pile of bricks her foot caught onto a sunflower weed.

The next second she was tumbling down the small hill beside her. Not able to do anything. Her breath smashed out of her in every roll. At last the nightmare of a ride stopped. A small groan escaped her lips, above her she could hear the sounds of muttering. (Name) started trying to push herself up.

"Don't move, da?" A quite voice ordered from above her, she was lifted up on the persons shoulders as if she weighted nothing.

She was doomed.


The room was lit with sunlight, (Name) was put on a chair opposite a desk. She realized that she was in Ivan's office. A vase with a single sunflower was propped on the desk.

"That was quite an accident." Her boss stared at her. He didn't know what to do when someone was injured. Usually, he wouldn't really care or care enough to fire them on the spot, but today he had done differently. He frowned a little and took out a book written in Russian.

"Remove your over-coat, I need to check for any injuries." He continued and glanced at her. (Name) froze.

"I-I'm fine sir." She gulped, staring down. Thought she didn't feel fine, her body ached all over. Ivan frowned again. He bent down.

"I did not ask, I ordered, do not make me repeat myself, da?" He smiled a small, quite scary, smile at her. (Name) preferred him frowning. She gulped.

"I-I'll just roll my sleeves up" She tried again. Ivan stared at her. Nobody tried to question him more then once. But she seemed different, everything she did made her seem almost like...

"Take your hat off." He smiled at her, the room's temperature dropping a few degrees.

"U-um what sir?" (Name) squeaked. A small flash passed Ivan's eyes, without asking he grabbed her chin and lifted her face up. A silence passed the room. (Name) tried to tear her face away but her bosses grip just tightened.

"Your a girl." Her boss muttered.

"S-sir." (Name) tried to stand up. Her boss pushed her back down keeping his hands on her shoulders.

"So you lied to me sunflower?" Ivan smiled at her.

"I..." (Name) leaned back, tying to wriggle herself out of his grip. She nodded.

"I don't like liars." Her boss smiled at her again. "Did you know that, sunflower?" (Name) stared at him, fearfully. "You know what happens to liars?" He boss continued and tilted her head so that she was looking up again. (Name) gulped. "They get punished. So what do you think I should do to you?"

"I don't know sir" (Name) whispered, looking almost tearful. Her boss straightened up.

"You will get fired from this job," Ivan concluded, staring down at her. (Name) stared at her hands. "Not only that but you will, from now on, be working in my household instead. Da?" (Name) blinked.

"I don't want to thanks." She sniffled. The worst thing that could happen now was her boss being a powerful country. (Like Russia maybe?) If that was to happen then... she'd be even more doomed. Meanwhile, her boss completely ignored what she had said.

"Go pack up-"

"Sir I don't want to." (Name) interrupted. Her boss blinked, he'd been interrupted. within a second he'd pulled lifted (Name) clean off her feet using the cuff of her overcoat and pushed her onto a wall.

"First of all. Never interrupt me, sunflower" He smiled at her. (Name) tried to push him back, it was no use.

"Secondly, I didn't give you a choice" Ivan said quietly, pushing back with a little more force. "Da?" (Name) tried to take in some air, but he was almost suffocating her. She nodded, her face turning red from lack of air.

"S-sir I can't bre-" Again, Ivan ignored her.

"Thirdly, from now on you will call me 'master'." He let go, seeing that (Name's) grip was loosening. leaving (Name) gasping for air. "Aren't you going to thank me for giving you a job, Little Sunflower?" (Name) clenched her teeth. At the moment she knew she wouldn't last against him. "You should be happy, any other man over here wouldn't have given you a job if he found out you were a little girl." (Name) pushed herself up.


"Tomorrow meet me here with anything you need, you will not need clothes, I can provide you with that." Ivan continued. "Any other secrets, sunflower?" He asked. (Name) shook her head. "Well, I will tell you then, some people might call me Russia, I am it's personification." (Name) froze. This guy was Russia? If he found out she was a little country...she gulped. "So don't try to run because you know, you won't be able to, and if you do..." He stared at her. "You will be punished severely. You can go now sunflower." He smiled at (Name). (The smile on the picture!)

(Name) gulped, she was dead.

Sooo should this continue? I need feedback! My other fan-fictions will continue, this is just... one I promised to do. Russia is quite evil here.

Ok, this is a Russia X Reader even though reader seems to hate Russia at the momento... ok then! Hope you like it
:iconrussiaplz: :iconsaysplz: Become one with Russia?
You: :iconsaysplz: No.
:iconrussiasmileplz::iconsaysplz: it was an order

Hetalia does not belong to me! Er neither do you?


I really did not expect this feedback! Thankyou :iconblushplz:

Also if you like this fanfiction and are waiting for the second part you'll love this RussiaXReader :> Trust me it's awesome! (The theme is similar so you'll like it!)

Chapter 2:[link]
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I like this already. At least the reader isn't so cocky....At least she IS frightened instead of 'I can mouth off all I want~!' Thank god for this story! :3 Keep doing this story! I really wanna see how far this story can go~!
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Continues conversation in description

"I don't care that it is an order so GTFO or I will get your younger sister in here."

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